Thomas Merton, Trappist poet and theologian, wrote in a letter to a friend, “In the end, it is the reality of personal relationship that saves everything.” Accepting and valuing personal relationships is critical in the propulsion of any organization. Far too many organizations have seen cryogenic aftereffects from a relationship poorly managed, just as decades of institutional knowledge have been lost over breakdowns in the human relationship.

Fostering positive relationships with staff, volunteers, clients, and community partners can prove invaluable. A proponent of the organization is far more likely to make positive contributions if his or her relationship is dynamic and interactive. These proponents can carry the mission and vision deep into the global community if their relationship empowers them to be advocates. If these relationships are not governed then unknown harm could come from traveling astray of the guiding principals.

Personal relationships of institutionally linked individuals carryover from private to pubic. Rules have been created to define unacceptable relationships. Sex outside of marriage has been deemed unacceptable and has become grounds for divorce. The relationships organizational directors have professionally or privately can become grounds for dismissal or censure. A person attached to an institution may not shed their relationship in another arena.