Mission and vision act as rails to a train. They frame direction and purpose and assist in reaffirming the common foundation from which proponents of a shared mission guide their work. Mission and vision are bound together as core expressions of a mutual goal and strategy. These rails are nothing without the train. Alone they are only structure, together they guide a relationship. Focusing on relationship as the most precious asset of a charitable organization allows one to acknowledge the value of individual and group interaction.

Relationship is the medium through which transformational energy is conveyed. A drummer boy without an army is only setting time for himself, where in the company of soldiers he is saving collective energy and catalyzing the group’s movement. The sound beat from the drum is transformative when received in the proper company. The beat echoes the rules within a group as the wrap governs and promotes predictable and acceptable actions.

If the drummer boy has no rhythm or the army has not learned to march in time with the melody then it is here that the course can be corrected, where rules for specific responses to specific sounds can add value. Too many times a nonprofit leads its self astray by not valuing the relationship with accepted laws that govern proper interactions between individuals.